What is the 90-Day Tithing Challenge?
The scripture is full of promises from God, but only one is issued with a challenge. From beginning to end, the bible instructs us on how to handle our finances. One of the stewardship principles it teaches us is tithing, bringing the first 10% of our income back to God as an act of submission and trust. When we return the first 10% of our income to God, He blesses the rest.
Based on Malachi 3:10, for 3 months bring the first 10% of your income to the Lord at Chosen Generation Church and if God does not fulfill His promise, we will refund 100% of the tithe you brought over the 90 day period!

Who is the 90-Day Tithing Challenge for?
If you are not a tither or if you fear that you can’t make it financially on 90% of your income, then the 90-Day Tithing Challenge is for you! If you’ve ever wanted an opportunity to grow in faith, while experiencing the blessing and protection of God, the 90-Day Tithing Challenge is for you!

How does the 90-Day Tithing Challenge wоrk?
Step 1: Fill out the 90-Day Tithing Challenge Interest Form below.

Step 2: Based on Malachi 3:10, for the Next 3 months (90 days) bring the first 10% of your income to the Lord at Chosen Generation Church.
Step 3: Pray daily and declare God’s promises found in Malachi 3:10-12
Step 4: Commit your heart to trusting God with every area of your life. (time, talent, temple, treasure, & tithe)
Step 5: Because God does not lie (Numbers 23:19), we know that God is going to bless you in significant ways because you are now tithing. When God does bless you, no matter how big or small, tell us your story! Send an email to Pastor Dan – info@chosengokc.com.

Isn’t tithing Old Testament Jewish Law and not for today?
No! According to Galatians 3:17, the Law came 430 years after God instituted the promise and tithing with Abraham. If tithing was under the Jewish Law, why did Abraham tithe 430 years before the Law was given? According to Genesis 14:20, Abraham tithed to the Priest Melchizedek from the very beginning, hundreds of years before the Law. Jacob also, as a response to God’s faithfulness, promised to tithe as God blessed him. (Genesis 28:20-22) Tithing was before AND after the Law. Jesus came to fulfill the Law and actually commended the religious leaders for their tithe (Matthew 23:23). Just as Jesus commended the religious leaders for their tithe, He will commend you when you tithe.

Should I tithe on my gross or my net?
In Matthew 22, when asked about paying taxes, Jesus said “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.” The question should be asked then, when does it become God’s? We believe that God owns everything and therefore you should tithe on your gross (before tax) income. The tithe is an act of faith that God is the owner of everything that we have, and that He is first in everything we do. When we tithe on our net income we water down this principle.

Should I tithe on my income tax refund?
When you tithe on your gross, the answer is no. There is no need to tithe on the money again, as you have already tithed on that money, the government is returning money to you that you already acknowledged as God’s. However, because a refund is not promised, a grateful heart will prompt you to give an offering. (Deuteronomy 16:17)

If I own a business, do I pay tithes on all monies received?
No. Your overhead cost is not profit or increase, it is an expense. You pay tithes on capital gains not capital expenses. Another way to look at it is: If it is taxable income, then it is tithe-able worship.

What if I give my tithe to someone in need, does it still count as tithing?
No. Supporting those in need is good, but when you give your tithe to them, you take what belongs to God and give it to someone else. Help them if you can, but not out of your tithe. As a church, we have been commanded to help the poor, the fatherless, and less fortunate. Our collective tithe can go further and help more people than your individual gift. That is what the Word of God means in Malachi 3:10 when it says, “Bring all the tithes into my house, that there may be meat in my house.”

What if the church is mishandling money?
This is a great question and there are two things for you to remember. 1)God judges wicked leadership for their unrighteousness, not the faithful worshipper. In 1 Samuel 2 God reveals that His expectation of the people to tithe remained intact, while His judgment of wicked leaders was enforced. God rewards obedience so He will bless you for obeying and He will deal with those who mishandle HIS resources. Obey God and leave the rest to HIM! 2)Be sure that you are tithing at a stewardship driven, trustworthy and transparent church. You should have confidence in the mission, vision, values, and character of the leaders. For any questions on the finances at Chosen Generation Church, you can email info@chosengokc.com.

What if I’m tithing and I do not seem to be getting ahead?
There can be a myriad of reasons why you’re tithing and not getting ahead from bad business choices, living outside of the will of God, living beyond your means, etc. Also understand this, getting to the next level does not mean that there are not new challenges with progress. Stay focused, continue to tithe and ask God to show you the other areas of your life that need to be addressed.

What if my spouse is not in agreement with tithing?
Agreement definitely enhances success. (Amos 3:3) Talk it over with your spouse. If they don’t want to tithe on their income, just tithe on yours. If you have no income, then you cannot make the providing spouse walk in faith. You can however, pray that the Holy Spirit changes your spouse's heart.

I have no income, is it possible to tithe in some other way?
No. The “tithe” is 10% of your income. If you do not have an income and cannot tithe, focus on giving other things that you do have, your time, talents, temple or other treasures that the Lord has blessed you with.

I am giving to several different ministries or non-profit organizations; does that count as tithing?
No. The tithe goes to your church home, the place where you are being fed spiritually. What you give to other ministries and/or non-profit organizations should come out of your offerings. According to the scripture, God requires us to tithe at a local church.

If I do not pay tithes, I have been told that I am going to hell, is that true?
Absolutely not. Your salvation was purchased with the blood of Christ, not your tithes. We should never confuse divine grace with human responsibility. Tithing unlocks God to work in your finances. It is a promise/blessing issue not a salvation issue.

How can I begin tithing today?
Here at Chosen Generation Church, there are several ways to give:
1. You can bring your tithe after our Worship Experience 
2. You can bring your tithe online at here